Mission:To contribute to the betterment of human health and to medical progress by creating new drugs utilizing nanotechnology for the improvement of patients' Quality of Life (QOL). Vision:To be an innovative and leading biotech company, unrivalled in cancer field.
Ichiro Nakatomi, Ph.D. President & CEO

Dear Shareholders and Investors,


We worked intensively on “Selection and Focus” throughout 2018. With regard to the development of micellar nanoparticles positioned as our core technologies, we focused on the NC-6004 and the NC-6300. We are conducting studies with an awareness of strategies aimed at market launch. For instance, we selected niche adaptation diseases in view of the state of clinical development and competition around the world. For combined drugs, we chose antibody drugs such as the immune checkpoint inhibitor marketed under the trade name Keytruda, from among gemcitabine anti-cancer agents for chemical therapy in a bid to swiftly gain approval and thereby to increase our corporate value.

We also continue research activities aimed at technological evolution. We are working to improve our targeting performance and have set a policy of developing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the dermal area as a new applied domain.

In addition, we are seeking alliances in domains other than cancer. We have been taking actions to boost corporate value. Among other things, we conducted joint development of otorhinological drugs in a bid to solidify our business footing.

We will continue taking positive measures to heighten our corporate value. We appreciate yourcontinued support for our activities.

Sincerely yours,

Ichiro Nakatomi, PhD
President & CEO
January 1, 2019