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NanoCarriers key business objective is to deliver new pharmaceuticals primarily in the area of cancer to society through the use of micellar nanoparticle technology as core technology developed based on nanotechnology, which originates in Japan. NanoCarrier is focusing particularly on cancer therapy, in which there is a pressing need for more effective therapies. We are strongly committed to research and development through which we strive to develop cutting-edge pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of many patients suffering from cancer.
Conventional anticancer agents show similar cytotoxic effects on cancerous and normal cells. The administration of these agents generally causes adverse reactions because it is distributed to the entire body, affecting normal cells as well. Although prophylactic medications can control adverse reactions to some extent, they are often difficult to avoid altogether, and sometimes limit the use of chemotherapy. NanoCarriers pharmaceutical products, using the micellar nanoparticle technology, are expected to accumulate more in cancerous lesions, thereby reducing drug distribution to normal cells, and reducing the occurrence of adverse reactions.