Study Background and Purpose

NanoCarrier's core technology, micellar nanoparticles technology, was proposed and has been researched by Professor Kazunori Kataoka of University of Tokyo and Professor Teruo Okano of Tokyo Women's Medical University. The aforementioned professors demonstrated that when drug-encapsulating micellar nanoparticles were intravenously administered, the particles could function as stable drug carriers in the bloodstream and they accumulated in cancerous tissues. It is hoped that, if efficacy and safety of drugs are further improved by utilizing our micellar nanoparticles technology, we will be able to contribute to the advance in medication of cancer and other intractable diseases.
As a pioneer of micellar nanoparticles technology, it is our task to harness the potential of micellar nanoparticles technology to our product development. At present, oncology is the focus area of our development.