NC-6004 Nanoplatin™ / Indication : Cancer

Phase III Clinical Trial
Phase II Clinical Trial
Biliary Tract Cancer : Orphan Drug Designation
Phase I Clinical Trial
Phase I Clinical Trial,Phase II Clinical Trial
Preparing for Global Study in United States, European and Asian counties

Cisplatin (generic name) is a platinum-based chemotherapy drug that is widely used to treat various types of cancers. By bonding with DNA in cancer cells, it interferes with the replication of DNA to stop division and multiplication of the cells and ultimately kills them.

Although cisplatin is effective against tumors, it has number of side effects that limit its use. Major concern is nephrotoxicity (kidney damage). Patients need to be hospitalized to take hydration treatment in order to prevent renal damage. In addition, such digestive symptoms as nausea and vomiting, and poor appetite are observed.

With the aim to develop new drugs that are expected to reduce the above mentioned side effects and to increase antitumor efficacy, NanoCarrier has prepared micellar nanoparticles containing cisplatin derivatives (NC-6004) , produced by a coordination bonds of cisplatin to polyamino acid. As NC-6004 showed sustained release, as well as accumulation in cancer cells and decrease in nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity.
Estimation Structure of NC-6004