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Application to small molecule cancer drugs

In Bloodstream

Micellar nanoparticles encapsulating drugs are nano-sized particles 30-100nm in diameter. Intravenously administered micellar nanoparticles circulate around the body through the bloodstream and stay in the circulating blood for a prolonged period.
Drugs are usually metabolized within hours, however, the drugs encapsulated in micellar nanoparticles have been shown to remain safely in vivo for days.

Tumor blood vessels are known to be leaky, with gaps 150-300nm in diameter.
The size of our micellar nanoparticles are able to pass through these gaps and accumulate in tumors (known as the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect). We are mainly developing anti-cancer products by using of this property.

EPR Effect
Cancerous Tissue

Since nano-sized particles accumulate in tumors, they can deliver large amount of drug directly to the target site. Nanoparticles can, therefore, spare normal tissues from damage and attenuate adverse effects of the drug.
It is expected that, in the case of anti-cancer therapy, since nanoparticles cause lower adverse effects, more chemotherapeutic drug can be delivered, resulting in greater efficacy.