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– eclafutur -from development to launch –

 Collaborative research into the skin absorption of drugs with pharmaceutical manufacturers showed that one of the properties of micellar nanoparticles, our core technology, is that drugs accumulate in the epidermis without passing through the dermis or blood vessels. This property is known to be a feature which is especially required in cosmetics and, in October 2010, we launched eclafutur-W essence, which contains Hinokitiol, vitamin C derivative and vitamin E encapsulated in micelles.

 Other features of micellar nanoparticles include that they utilize polymers used in drug development and are highly safe and that they strike a balance between stability, permeability, storability and sustained release. Customers who purchased eclafutur-W were impressed by the feel of the product, which they had never experienced before, especially the sensation of the essence quickly absorbing into the skin.

 Our eclafutur-W essence was highly rated by Albion Co., Ltd., which is well-known as a manufacturer of luxury cosmetics, and in July 2012, we began joint research with Albion. Leveraging our respective expertise, we pushed ahead with development to achieve absorption of key ingredients into the skin, and New eclafutur was born. NanoCarrier supplied cosmetic ingredients using micellar nanoparticles, Albion produced the cosmetics and Albion launched New eclafutur on October 18, 2013. Prior to its launch, New eclafutur was much talked about as an essence with a new sensation and was the top-selling product on the @ cosme platform for a month after its launch. We subsequently made further improvements to micellar nanoparticles focusing on skin permeability and, on October 18, 2018, new and improved eclafutur d was launched.

Another product, developed out of the desire to make products utilizing this technology available to men as well as women is Depth, a scalp total care product. Based on the concept of improving scalp health through the delivery of scalp care ingredients in micelles to create the optimal environment for hair growth, Depth was launched in March 2016. Later, in response to demand for a similar product from women, Depth for Share, a unisex haircare product was also launched.

Eclafutur and Depth showed that our micellar nanoparticle technology could potentially be used in other products besides drugs and made available to many users. NanoCarrier will continue rising to new challenges in the future.