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VB-111 Non-replicating Adeno 5 vectors

Incorporation of new cutting-edge treatment

2017.11.3 NanoCarrier and VBL Therapeutics Conclude License Agreement for Gene-Therapy Agent in Japan

  • Non-replicating Adeno 5 vectors
  • Systemically administered via intravenous injection
  • Selectively induce cell death in angiogenic endothelial cells
  • Triggers a local anti-tumor immune response
  • POC verified for other solid cancers

Mar. 2020

Determination of Clinical Development in Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer in Japan

VB-111 Trailer

Development by VBL is progressing mainly in the United States.

VB-111 Platform

Program Area Pre-clinical phaseⅠ phaseⅡ phaseⅢ Comments
Ovarian Cancer(prOC)
Combination with Chemo
Recurrent Glioblastoma(rGBM)
Colorectal Cancer
NCI/VBL Combination with ICI