CEO Message

NanoCarrier was established to develop drugs which utilize the nanotechnology researched by Dr. Kataoka Kazunori, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo, Teruo Okano, Emeritus Professor at Tokyo Women's Medical University, and their colleagues. The company uses polymeric micelles (micellar nanoparticles technology), which is technology originating in Japan, as drug carriers, and creates new value in cancer therapy through the integration of medicine and engineering.

NanoCarrier is currently focusing on the development of drug delivery systems (DDS) for drugs such as anti-cancer therapeutics and nucleic acids which need to be delivered reliably in large doses directly to the site of disease. The platform technology for maximizing a drug's efficacy whilst minimizing side effects can be applied not only to next-generation therapeutics but also to a wide range of other applications. NanoCarrier aims to reduce the burden on patients undergoing treatment, enabling them to be treated whilst leading a normal life, without being hospitalized.

The company already has a number of products in the pipeline which are in the late development stage and is proud of being one of only a handful of Japanese bioventures which have come this far. NanoCarrier is committed to creating new value and helping people lead healthier, happier lives.

Tetsuhito Matsuyama,
President & CEO