Sep. Merged with AccuRna, Inc.
Nov. Mr.Tetsuhito Matsuyama was inaugurated as President and CEO
Jul. Started Phase II Clinical Study in Combination with Keytruda® for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Head and Neck
May Joint research agreement with iCONM on therapeutic effect in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitor
Started Phase III Clinical Study on ENT103 for Patients with Otitis media in Japan with Ceolia Pharma Co., Ltd.
Apl. Concluded a specified sales agency agreement on Aeon Acti-PRP in Japan with Aeon International Inc.
Oct. Commercial launch of renewal cosmetic essence “eclafutur d” (Collaboration with ALBION Co., Ltd.)
Jul. License and Collaborative Agreement with Orient Europharma for Global Study on new approach of using NC-6004 to treat Head and Neck Cancer
Jun. Joint Development Agreement with Ceolia Pharma Co., Ltd.
Apl. Capital and Business Alliance between NanoCarrier Co., Ltd., Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd. and Gene Techno Science Co., Ltd.
Oct. JCR Conclude Collaborative Research Agreement for Drug Delivery to the Brain for Nucleic Acid Medicines
Sep. Depth Brand Started handling at Isetan Shinjuku
Release of scalp total care product “Depth For Share” for unisex
Aug Establishment of US Subsidiary of NanoCarrier
Depth brand “Styling series” released
Jul. Orphan Drug Designationof NC-6300 (Epirubicin Micelle) by the U.S. FDA
Orphan Drug Designationof NC-6004 (biliary tract cancer) by the U.S. FDA
Jun. Started Phase I/II Clinical Study on NC-6300 for Patients with Rare Cancers in the U.S.
Jun. Started Clinical Study in the EU in Relation to the Expansion of the Area for the Development of NC-6004
May Licensing Agreement with AccuRna Inc. and Investment in AccuRna Inc.
Apl. Launch Albion “EXCIA AL IMMACULATE IDD” jointly developed product
Mar. Launch scalp total care product “Depth” for men
Dec. Started phase II clinical trial of NC-6004 (basket trial) in USA.
Nov. Started phaseI clinical study (Head & Neck cancer)of NC-6004 in Japan.
Sep. NC-6004 to Participate in the Multinational Phase III Clinical Trial in Asia for Indication of Pancreatic Cancer
Jul. Established iCONM Labo. in kawasaki, Kanagawa.
Mar. Established Tokyo office in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Feb. Collaborative research agreement for siRNA Drug with Chugai pahrmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jun. In-licensed new drug compound “E7974” from Eisai Co., Ltd
Moved head office,lab and Tokyo office to new facility near “Kashiwanoha Campus” station in Kashiwa, Chiba.
May Started phase Ib/II clinical trial of NC-6004 (non small cell lung cancer) in USA.
Feb. Orient Europharma started Phase III clinical study (pancreatic cancer) of NC-6004 in Asia
Dec. Started phase I clinical trial of NC-4016 in USA.
Oct. Commercial launch of new cosmetic essence “eclafutur”(Collaboration with ALBION Co., Ltd.)
Sep. KOWA company Ltd. started Phase I clinical study of NC-6300 (K-912) in Japan
Jun. Collaborative research agreement for polymer with Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Orient Europharma submitted IND for Phase III clinical study (pancreatic cancer) of Nanoplatin® (NC-6004) in Asia
IND submission for Phase Ib/IIclinical study (non small cell lungcancer) of Nanoplatin®, (NC-6004) in USA
May IND submission for Phase I clinical study of DACH-platinum micelle(NC-4016) in USA
Kowa submitted IND for Phase I clinical study of NC-6300 (K-912) in Japan
Nov. NC-6004 New Licensing Agreement Between NanoCarrier and Orient Europharma.
Oct. Started phase I clinical trial of Nanoplatin (NC-6004) in Japan.
Equity investment by Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. into NanoCarrier by private placement.
Jul. Collaboration Agreement On Development of New Cosmetic Compounds with ALBION Co., Ltd.
Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. started phase III clinical trail(Breast Cancer) of Paclitaxel Micelle (NK105).
Mar. Collaborative research agreement with Eisai Co., Ltd.
Sep. Worldwide license and co-development Agreement of Epirubicin Micelle (NC-6300) with KOWA company Ltd.
Jul. Started phase Ⅱ clinical trial of Nanoplatin (NC-6004) in Taiwan&Singapore.
Dec. Collaborative research agreement with National Cancer Center to initiate a preclinical study of Epirubicin Micelle(NC-6300).
Oct. Option agreement of protein micelle for rhFVIIa with LFB Biotechnologies.
Aug. Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. started phase I clinical trail(Breast Cancer) of Paclitaxel Micelle (NK105).
May In-licensed “Cationic Polyamino Acids” from the University of Tokyo and TOUDAI TLO, Ltd.
Mar. Started phase I clinical trial of DACH-platin Micelle (NC-4016) in EU.
Dec. IND Application of Nanoplatin® for Phase I/II study was approved in Taiwan
Sep. License and co-development Agreement of Nanoplatin (NC-6004) with Orient Europharma Co., Ltd.
Apr. Exclusive License Agreement signed with Toudai TLO, Ltd. on Incorporated Nucleic Acids into Micelles
Mar. NanoCarrier got listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchanges Mothers
Nov. Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. started phase II clinical trail(gastric cancer) of Paclitaxel Micelle (NK105).
Feb. In-licensed “A new block copolymer for preparation of pH-sensitive polymeric micelle and a production process thereof” from the University of Tokyo and TOUDAI TLO, Ltd.
Aug. In-licensed “Physical trapping type polymeric micelle drug preparation”, for the research and development of paclitaxel micelle (NK105) with Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Jul. Obtained exclusive license of “Electrostatic bonding type macromolecular micelle drug carrier and drug carried thereon” from TOUDAI TLO, Ltd.
May Started phase I clinical trial of Nanoplatin® (NC-6004) in U.K.
Jul. Formed partnership with TOUDAI TLO, Ltd for “discovery and development of drugs with high usability for treatment of solid cancers”.
Mar. Formed partnership with Debiopharm S.A. for DACH-Platin micelle (NC-4016).
Aug. Moved head office and lab to Tohdai Kashiwa Venture Plaza in Kashiwa, Chiba.
May Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd., a licensed company in Japan, started phase I clinical trial of Paclitaxel Micelle (NK105).
In-licensed “Coordinate complex of diaminocyclohexaneplatinum (II) with block copolymer containing poly (carboxylic acid) segment and antitumor agent comprising the same” from the University of Tokyo and TOUDAI TLO, Ltd.
Jul. Established Tokyo office in Chuo, Tokyo.
Jun. Out-licensed Paclitaxel Micelle to Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.
Jan. In-licensed “Polymeric micelle containing cisplatin enclosed therein and use thereof” from the Center for Advanced Science and Technology Incubation Ltd. (now TOUDAI TLO, Ltd.).
Oct. Moved head office to Tokatsu Techno Plaza in Kashiwa, Chiba, and established the lab.
Aug. Formed partnership with Nippon Oil & Fats Co., Ltd. (now NOF Corporation) on joint development and supply of a new block copolymer (after then, entered into a supply agreement on exclusive manufacture and supply of polymer on December 2003).
Jun. Founded in Setagaya, Tokyo, with the purpose of applying new block copolymers to develop pharmaceuticals and put them into practice.